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Be prepared for your next family outing

How do you naviagte diffuclt situations with family and friends?

a must read

Rusty's book is a textbook on debating the left.  Read it now and become a better fighter for the cause.

Ben Shapiro - Author


it's Time to take back your life...

Tired of being in social situations and being ambushed by liberals who just won’t let it go?  How do you go to important family functions, prepared for the onslaught of jabs, jokes and insults based on your deeply held political beliefs?


“America’s Media Coach,” top rated podcaster and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Rusty Humphries has the answers you’ve been looking for. 


Why am I being attacked?

How to stop the confrontations from escalating?

How to walk away a winner, with family and friends intact.


I’ve been in more political debates than I care to remember.  I really wish I had this book a few years ago. I’ve worked with Rusty Humphries and I think he’s incredible.

I LOVE him!  Rusty Humphries IS “America’s Media Talent Coach.” 

Stacey Dash – Actress Clueless,

Author There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative