Hate is the new humor

Kathy Griffin proves, for the left, Hate is the new humor.

Kathy Griffin proves, for the left, Hate is the new humor.

I'm so sick of Kathy Griffin. Actually, come to think about it, I've always been sick of Kathy Griffin. Honestly, I can't remember the last time she made me laugh, ever. But I can't blame her for going over the top against Donald Trump.  She's a part of the Hollywood elite, actually kind of the attendant at the Porta Potty rung of the elite, but still part of the elite.

There's no one for her to talk to in her circle of friends, that don't believe that Donald Trump is the devil. It's just taken as fact. No discussion, no debate, and unfortunately no thought. Yes, she apologized, but only after she saw her career disintegrate in front of her. 

What really took the cake, was the press conference with Gloria Allred's daughter, Lisa Bloom. Apparently, Ms. Bloom is taking the mantle of high-priced, liberal, ambulance chasing attorney who cares nothing for the truth, just their picture on TV and the big check that accompanies it, from her hateful Mother.

Representing Kathy Griffin, Lisa Bloom launch into her progressive, negative, personal opinions about Donald Trump.  She paid no attention to facts, had no interest in reality, and actually tried to spin it so that Kathy Griffin was the victim!    "Donald Trump broke me," wailed Griffin. Choking back tears, in a conspiracy theory driven speech, that nobody, except a "Super Trump Hater" would believe. Even when a reporter confirmed that Kathy Griffin had previously, savagely attacked Barron Trump, Donald Trump's 11-year-old son, Bloom and Griffin defended that, saying, "Yes, but she's just a comic!" Griffin ended one exchange with, "Of course, I'd never hurt a child." Really? You lying, Joan Rivers rip-off, hack!  My old friend Chris Loesch, husband of TV Host Dana Loesch, found this jem floating around the 'Net.

What a disgusting, puke of a human being she is.  Barron Trump is ELEVEN years old!  From the looks of things Kathy, that might be around the last time you took a shower. 

I'm not worried about Griffin's career., she'll be just fine.  I'll bet this is the best thing to ever happen to her.  Hollywood doesn't really think she did anything wrong.  In today's environment, what she did was well within the "mainstream."  Just watch in bewilderment over the next few weeks, of how many on the left will come to her defense.  The longer this continues, the deeper they will truly believe, this was all President Trump's fault.

The loonies on the left seem to think that the more you hate Donald Trump, the funnier or more intelligent you are. Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump isn't funny, he's just hateful. Stephen Cobert isn't funny, he just hates Donald more than the other late night comics.  Watch TV and you'll see, hate is the new "humor."  For the progressives, hate is the ultimate measure by which you prove your level of intelligence. The more you hate Donald Trump the funnier you are or the smarter you want to show you are.  

It's time to dial it back, bozos.  Hate isn't funny and it isn't smart, don't follow the fools just because you're trying to prove you're a cool kid.  Ask Kathy Griffin, it's not working.